The Learjet spirals out of control, then crashes into the Pacific. Onboard, Celerity, young, rich, and the world’s most famous female athlete. The world is stunned.
Recordings are discovered—a diary of her rapid rise to fame and fortune—her secrets revealed one by one.
Celerity usually comes in second at UCLA track—the first loser, her coach would say. But she is encouraged by her father, a botanist, her only parent. Then he dies unexpectedly. Now she is parentless and alone.
While wrapping up his affairs, she learns about his expeditions of discovery to the Darién jungle and a plant that transforms indigenous tribesmen into prolific hunters—and extraordinarily fast runners.
She takes a sabbatical from college and follows his work. After weeks enduring the tropics, she finds the plant—it’s fifty feet tall—and carnivorous. She returns with its extract.
Training at her local high school, her speed is increasing, and people notice. A student times her in the 100 meters—she breaks the women’s world record—videos go viral—and life will never be the same.
Approached by a flamboyant sports agent, he has a plan; there’s no money in track… try out for the Chicago Bears as a wide receiver. Nobody can touch her.
Then the side effects kick in.

CELERITY Release Date is July 15

THRESHOLD #1 on Amazon Hard Science Fiction June 16, 2020



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2040. Technology stops working. 

All of it.No internet. No screens. Not even cars. But one thing is working—A.I. 

It crossed the THRESHOLD. No going back.
An autistic savant holds the key to the future. Any future. If there’s going to be one.

American Mutt – Now an Amazon Best Seller

Breaks the TOP 1oo in American Literature. Top 10 in Political thrillers, Financial Thrillers and Espionage. 

AMERICAN MUTT now in Paperback and Ebook, HERE


Five Star Feedback on Amazon for AMERICAN MUTT: 

American Mutt is my new favorite book. A solid and all-around great read. Falcon’s truly creative action- and twist-filled story takes the reader on a crazy ride that is both suspenseful, novel fiction and a realistic, relevant warning that will hit close to home. The characters are believable (I feel like I know them personally), the plot is fast and tortuous, and the story itself is thrilling. But the author also has blended in elements of critical and discomfiting current political and social goings-on, exposing devious deeds that have been hiding in plain sight in America. Some of it is downright scary—even more so because it’s real and true.
When you finish the book and can finally put it down…you’ll keep thinking about it; as the author cautions, nothing is what it seems.

Ventura, California—where American Mutt takes place in 2025, and THRESHOLD in 2040

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