TIDEFALL is published on December 18 2023. EBook, Paperback, Hardcover. 

The  invasive species… is us.

Humanity teeters on the precipice of environmental collapse. The planet bears the scars of exponential warming, rampant pollution, and the ominous specter of mass extinctions on land and sea. Drought, wildfires, flooding, and storms wreak havoc, while the dire consequences of poverty and starvation deepen. As Earth’s systems spiral towards irreversible decline, the President of the United States makes an audacious move, appointing an unlikely ally, an obscure park ranger, as the new Secretary of Conservation. Unbeknownst to the world, he is not only an outsider but harbors a clandestine identity—the most elusive and hunted eco-terrorist. In this high-stakes drama, bold solutions collide with personal secrets as the appointed savior grapples with a mission that blurs the lines between salvation and subversion, raising profound questions about the cost of preservation in a world on the brink.

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