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  • An engrossing story set in 2040 when the race to create Super Intelligent Artificial Intelligence is keeping the brilliant minds of the world on their toes. A fascinating world where the Stream gives people their every experience without leaving home. Thrills at every turn, Kip Wilde is willing to do all he can to cure his daughter Becca of ALS. Kept me up all night reading, reading and still reading until I could no longer keep my eyes open! Excellent world building and language creation. ***** JMHoltof BookBub 6/17/2020
  • "A very intense start to the narrative. I felt cold, desperate, afraid, and rooting for Becca. The staccato style and choppy sentences are interesting and reflect something like chattering teeth and freezing." Jason M.
  • "How you explore foreseeable future scenarios goes beyond entertainment. Such important exploration is essential for all of us to ride this exponentially shifting reality." Capser P.

THRESHOLD is published April 1 2020. EBook, Paperback, Hardcover. 

2040.  Technology stops working.  All of it.

No internet. No screens. Not even cars. But one thing is working—A.I. 

It crossed the THRESHOLD. No going back.

An autistic savant holds the key to the future. Any future. If there’s going to be one.


Becca Wilde, a terminally ill teenage autistic savant, senses a presence—an intelligence—in The STREAM, the virtual reality entertainment phenomenon created by her tech-billionaire father.

She believes the intelligence can create a cure, but her father intends to use radical technology. They are running out of time.

Then technology stops working.

All of it.

No Internet. No screens. Not even cars. But one thing is working—a Russian A.I. that mutated—and is now In the Wild.

Becca may hold the key to the future. Any future. If there is going to be one.

But…only if she can communicate with a super-intelligence—that hasn’t been invented yet.

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