Now an Amazon Best Seller. Top 100 in American Literature. Top 10 Political Thriller

A Political Crime Thriller

One Man. The deepest state. An uncivil war. 

A maverick journalist with a black hole past uncovers an invisible cabal bent on destroying American sovereignty. When five public figures vanish, the journalist becomes the hunted, so he goes on the run to find his anonymous deep source. But when the kidnapper emerges online, and there is no record of him ever existing—nothing is what it seems.

Beta Reader Feedback:  

  • Novel is brilliantly written, Caitlyn
  • Intense, immediate opening where I’m curious to see where it goes, Jason.
  • The story kept me intrigued. Such an interesting mystery, Mila

The world of American Mutt.  who is hale?

Beta readers predict a top 10 political thriller. Readers who love CIA action, America collapse fiction, vigilante fiction and vigilante love stories, will want to add AMERICAN MUTT to their must-read list. Also readers of thriller CIA dramas about the over throw of the government will be fans of this new crime novel by Scott Falcon.

From the Book Jacket

Unprecedented chaos in America, on the brink of a second civil war.

Maverick investigative journalist Jackson Rand runs the controversial website It’s the home of the Sunlight List—news exclusives exposing political corruption.

Five public figures on The List disappear on the same night three weeks before the presidential election, including the Speaker of the House and the governor of the World Bank. Part of his background a black hole, Jackson becomes a target of the investigation.

After an attempt on his life, Jackson goes on the run to find his notorious anonymous source.

The kidnapping mastermind reveals himself on the Internet—his name is Hale. But law enforcement and intelligence agencies can’t find any record of him ever existing.

Hale begins to unravel the captives’ connection to a ruthless cabal and their plans to destroy the sovereignty of America.

Jackson—an enigma. The source—anonymous. Hale—a ghost. The cabal—purveyors of Utopia.

Four mysteries that intertwine in this political crime thriller where nothing is what it seems.

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